About Vento

About Vento

Over 40 years of experience

Vento Abogados & Asesoresis a professional services firm, with offices in A Coruña and Vigo, formed by over 70 professionals who provide comprehensive consulting services focused on simplifying problems and finding solutions.

The continuous update of knowledge, our full availability to clients, transparency, innovation and a global business vision are all part of the values that set us apart, thanks to the conjunction of different professional perspectives. As a result, our clients trust in us as a strategic partner in their day-to-day matters.

Our service proposal is rounded off by our efficient management, our firm commitment to the use of the latest technologies and our results-based focus.​

Furthermore, due to their high degree of specialisation, our professionals are highly reputed in the sector and regularly form part of important proceedings, economic forums, universities, business schools and academic publications.

The client is at the very centre of our organisation. We know just how important it is to carry out our work diligently and to continuously maintain updated information.

The client is at the very centre of our organisation

Commitment to society

Vento Abogados & Asesores is a responsible company that is committed to the society in which it operates. We strive to be part of the change that we want to see around us.

United Nations Global Compact
We are part of the United Nations Global Compact, undertaking to respect and collaborate with its ten principles, which you can consult here.

Collaboration with social organisations We are involved in the fight against inequality and we collaborate with social organisations that work with  the most underprivileged groups and groups in risk of social exclusion. Vento Abogados & Asesores provides pro bono services, whether fully or partly, to the following organisations:

Educational Agreements
They allow us to actively contribute to the formation of students.

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